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GTC Sound Innovations unveils the REVPAD, the world’s first wireless touchpad effects controller and ultra-dynamic sound processor that turns any guitar into a smart guitar. Based on GTC TouchFX patented technology, the REVPAD is about to shake up the music world.

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Powerful multi-effects unit

New horizons of creative options, flexibility and a wide variety of possibilities and features that were unavailable before.


Total wireless control over effects, external gear and VSTs; get studio capabilities on the fly.


Over the years, there have been many attempts to raise the bar by incorporating new technologies into the world of guitars. The aim was to expand the spectrum of sounds produced; enabling the guitar to easily blend in with modern genres and give more creative options.

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REVPAD Effects

Meet the REVPAD

The world’s first wireless touchpad effects controller and ultra-dynamic sound processor

Ultra-dynamic processor

Top effects modeller full of different sounds within a single enclosure.

Smart guitar

Turn any guitar into a smart guitar with GTC’s TouchFX technology.

Long-lasting battery

Universally compatible and highly portable rapid USB charging.

Transferable system

Enjoy the REVPAD capabilities in all your instruments

Ready for a closer look? Watch it in action.

We are very proud to present REVPAD. Thanks to the amazing reactions received from guitarists, music producers and many more from the Industry, we consider it a real game changer for guitar players of all levels and styles.
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