GTC Sound Innovations unveils the REVPAD - Your Sound. Our Technology
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GTC Sound Innovations unveils the REVPAD

15 Jan GTC Sound Innovations unveils the REVPAD

GTC Sound Innovations unveils the REVPAD, the world’s first wireless touchpad effects controller and ultra-dynamic sound processor that turns any guitar into a smart guitar. Based on GTC’s TouchFX patented technology, the REVPAD is about to shake up the music world.

REVPAD, the first product of its kind, is making history by offering a whole new dimension of sounds, original effects, and a vast range of new creative options that were never available to guitar players before.

The REVPAD is a small, ergonomically designed device, that can be easily attached (just like a sticker) on top of any amplified guitar – electric, acoustic or bass. It transmits wirelessly to a sound processing base unit that contains high-end effect algorithms along with traditional analog distortion and overdrive.

The REVPAD is a powerful tool to design new sounds and create new music. With a simple swipe or tap of a finger, the REVPAD provides guitarists a full control of multiple effect parameters simultaneously (including their own existing pedal board effects), enabling them to play the effect on the fly, instead of using them in a standard manner.

By combining modern touch technology with the traditional world of guitars, the REVPAD breaks the boundaries of guitar playing and revives the musical experience for generating tomorrow’s music.

See us at NAMM, booth #1188 | for information contact: [email protected]

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