Over the years, there have been many attempts to raise the bar by incorporating new technologies into the world of guitars. The aim was to expand the spectrum of sounds produced; enabling the guitar to easily blend in with modern genres and give more creative options.

These previous solutions were controversial and often problematic for many guitarists:

  • Most of the time these units require modifications for installation and may cause  serious damage to the instrument
  • Some require using a second cable along with the main lead which makes on-stage mobility even more limited and cumbersome
  • Conversion of the original signal of the instrument to MIDI samples and notes  tracking issues, may restrict play-ability and takes the real guitar vibe and character out of the  instrument
  • Demanded a considerable budget and profound technical knowledge

GTC took all of the above points and more, into consideration while designing the REVPAD. Now every guitarist can turn their guitar into a “smart guitar”. This means total wireless control over effects, external gear and VSTs; get studio capabilities on the fly; create innovative modern sounds and have full stage mobility.